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Music for Theatre, Film and TV


True Love
dir. Henry Barrial 2007

Park Life (short)
dir. Ben Caplan 2008

What We Do
dir. Tron Anderson 2009

Goombah Goodbye (short)

dir. Jerry Rector 2009

Wilting (short)

dir. Ben Caplan 2010

Bosque (short)
dir. Borja Mucientes 2011

69 (short)

dir. Borja Mucientes 2013


'Smart and Smarter'
(Southern California Edison Electric) 2009



Nick & Jessica – The Newlyweds
(additional music) MTV 2004

The Osbournes
(additional music) MTV 2004

The Love Lounge
(additional music) VH1 2004

Battle For Ozzfest
MTV 2005

Before & Afternoon
Movie (Ident) USA 2005

Fox Sports Network
Stock Library 2004-Present


Ocean's Twelve
Warner Bros. 2004

Vocal Coach

Mamma Mia! – the Movie
Universal 2008



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